Right of revocation / return / warranty



If you are not satisfied with your order, you have the possibility to return your order under certain circumstances. The terms and conditions specify these circumstances as described in article 6:

Article 6. Right of revocation / return / warranty

6.1 After the consumer’s receipt of the articles ordered via our webshop or by e-mail the consumer has a period of reflection as described in article 6.3.

6.2 The article must be examined on receipt for any errors, imperfections or damage. They must be reported to us by the consumer by e-mail within 14 days after receipt. Articles with an error, imperfection or damage that are returned without a report of an error, imperfection or damage by the consumer within 14 days after receipt cannot be accepted.

6.3 If the consumer is not satisfied with the order via our webshop or by e‑mail, the consumer may indicate within 14 days after receipt of the article(s) that he/she wishes to return the article. For the purpose the consumer may use the “Model form for revocation”, available on this website. The consumer may also invoke the right of revocation by means of an unequivocal statement. The consumer will immediately dispatch the article(s) to be returned with the packing list, but at any rate within fourteen days after submission of the above-mentioned form or the unequivocal statement to LOF. The consumer bears the costs for the return shipment.

6.4 The revocation right does not apply to sensitive articles in so far as hygiene is concerned.

6.5 If the consumer has returned the ordered articles, the consumer may exchange them for a different size or get back the purchase amount including the shipping charges paid to LOF, this with observance of the provisions in article 6.6. If the consumer keeps part of the order, the consumer will only get back the purchase price of the returned article and not the shipping charges.

6.6 Within 14 days after receipt of the returned articles we shall instruct the bank or credit card company that was used when the original order was placed, to return the amount already paid (including the standard shipping costs) to the consumer. Any higher shipping costs for the original shipment from LOF to the consumer that the consumer himself chose, rather than the least costly method of standard delivery offered by LOF, will not be compensated by LOF.

6.7 The risk and the onus of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the revocation right lies with the consumer. A condition for the actual use of the revocation right is that the relevant articles are properly packed, complete, undamaged, unused and are returned in the undamaged and original packing together with the packing list. If damage has occurred as a result of unsound shipping packaging or if insufficient postage has been paid for the postal item, LOF reserves the right to refuse a return shipment.

6.8 On the basis of the law the consumer is entitled to a sound product, which must meet the expectations that the consumer may reasonably have of it. We shall solve any problem with the soundness of the product as soon as possible. Should the solution not meet the consumer’s expectation, the consumer may cancel the order, without additional costs.

6.9 The warranty and revocation right referred to in this article will be cancelled among other things if:

  1. The article has been worn and/or washed (this does not mean trying on the clothing);
  2. The article has been damaged by the consumer and/or the consumer has tried to repair the damage or the defect;
  3. The label(s) and/or accessories have been removed or are lacking;
  4. The consumer has not followed the instructions for use; and/or
  5. The article has been manufactured in accordance with specification(s) supplied by the consumer.

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